Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who's Really On Trial Here?

I recently preached two sermons out of Job entitled: "Where Is God When It Hurts?" I focused on two aspects of God found throughout the text: The Transcendence of God and the Immanence of God. But something related (but still new) recently hit me:

Throughout Job we find that God reigns. God is seated on his throne, exalted, surrounded by the heavenly host, when the transcendence of God is challenged the the satan interloper. The satan argues that Job only serves God because of the blessings that Job has received; remove them, and Job will lose faith. Suddenly, the transcendence of God is challenged. God is the King, and he gives good gifts to his children. But, will his children rebel if the "gifts" are no longer available? God's reign is challenged: is he a king simply because he buys people off, or do people follow him because he alone is God.

The book of Job presents an account of the attack on Job and his faith. However, their is a deeper accusation at work: the satan is attacking GOD and accusing him of not being the true King! Job's faith is not the only thing at stake: God's reputation is on the line. Thus, the hope of heaven rests on Job's response. Although God is still God in the midst of the challenge, his reputation is in jeopardy if Job falls away in the midst of the heat...

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Daniel said...

Job questions God's goodness and sovereignty, arguing that he is blameless and upright. By declaring God's unfairness, Job is ultimately questioning God's sovereignty as well.